Rock Crawl  For off-road driving. For optimum rock-climbing ability. Rock crawl mode engages the four-wheel drive lock. Rock crawl mode optimizes the vehicle systems to provide maximum traction and slow speed performance. Lower gears hold longer in rock crawl mode to minimize shifting when traversing rocks and obstacles. The accelerator pedal dampens to improve throttle control and minimize speed change over rough terrain. The steering optimizes for less effort with reduced kick-back. Rock crawl mode optimizes braking for off-road conditions, allowing quick path corrections and minimized stopping distance when on deformable surfaces. The engine sound enhances when in rock crawl mode.
The rear differential lock feature enables in rock crawl mode. When enabled it is engaged below 48 km/h. You can disable the feature using the drive mode controller.
Note:   The front camera system switches on when you are in rock crawl mode and your speed is less than 24 km/h. If you exceed 24 km/h, the camera shuts off until your vehicle speed is below 20 km/h. You can switch the camera off using the button on the audio unit.
Note:   This mode may help get your vehicle unstuck from deep snow or sand.
Note:   Do not use this mode on dry, hard pavement. This could produce some vibration, driveline bind up, and potential excessive tire and vehicle wear depending on the four-wheel drive mode selection.