The switches are coded as follows:

Power Distribution Box   Wire Color   Wire Size   Fuse  
AUX 1   Yellow   1.5 mm²   30A  
AUX 2   Green/Brown   1.5 mm²   15A  
AUX 3   Violet/Green   0.75 mm²   10A  
AUX 4   Brown   0.75 mm²   10A  
AUX 5   Blue/Orange   0.75 mm²   10A  
AUX 6   Yellow/Orange   0.75 mm²   10A  

Non-powered circuits:
Note:   The non-powered circuits correspond with the auxiliary switch wiring graphic.   See   Locating the Auxiliary Switch Wiring

Non-powered Circuit   Location   Wire Color   Wire Size  
B1   Passenger compartment   Brown/White   1.5 mm²  
B2   Passenger compartment   White   1.5 mm²  
C   Front grille   Violet/Gray   1.5 mm²  
D   Right-hand visor   Gray/Orange   1.5 mm²  
E   Right-hand rear quarter panel   White/Orange   1.5 mm²