WARNING   WARNING:  Make sure that the seatbelts are securely stowed away when not in use and not outside your vehicle when closing the doors.
WARNING   WARNING:  Seatbelts should be adjusted as firmly as possible, consistent with comfort, to provide the protection for which they have been designed. A loose belt will greatly reduce the protection afforded to the wearer.
WARNING   WARNING:  Avoid contamination of the webbing with polishes, oils, chemicals and particularly battery acid. Use mild soap and water for cleaning the webbing. If webbing becomes frayed, contaminated or damaged, replace the belt.
WARNING   WARNING:  You must replace the seatbelt if the automatic locking retractor or any other seatbelt function is not operating correctly. Failure to replace the seatbelt and retractor assembly could increase the risk of injury in a crash.
WARNING   WARNING:  Never use a seatbelt for more than one person. It is dangerous to put a belt around a child being carried on the occupant's lap.
WARNING   WARNING:  Do not use a seatbelt that is slack or twisted.
WARNING   WARNING:  No modifications or additions should be made by the user which will either prevent the seatbelt adjusting devices from operating to remove slack or prevent the seatbelt assembly from being adjusted to remove slack.

Note:   Make sure that the seatbelt tongue is properly fastened in the seatbelt buckle.
Front Seats
Fastening Front Seat Belts
Second-Row Seats
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Third-Row Seats (If Equipped)
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Pull the seatbelt out steadily. It may lock if you pull it sharply or if your vehicle is on a slope.
The second-row center seatbelt can lock if you return the seat backrest from a folded position to the upright position forcefully. If the seatbelt locks, recline the seat using the recline adjustment.
See   Rear Seats
Press the red button on the buckle to release the seatbelt. Hold the tongue and let it retract completely and smoothly to its stowed position.
Using Seatbelts During Pregnancy
WARNING   WARNING:  Position the seatbelt correctly for your safety and that of your unborn child. Do not use only the lap strap or the shoulder strap.

Using Seatbelt During Pregnancy
Pregnant women should always wear their seatbelt. Position the lap belt portion of a combination lap and shoulder belt low across the hips below the belly and worn as tight as comfort allows. Position the shoulder belt to cross the middle of the shoulder and the center of the chest.