Avoid running out of fuel. This may have an adverse effect on powertrain components.
If you have run out of fuel:
  • You may need to cycle the ignition from off to on several times after refueling to allow the fuel system to pump the fuel from the tank to the engine. On restarting, cranking time will take a few seconds longer than normal.
  • Normally, adding 5 L of fuel is enough to restart the engine. If the vehicle is out of fuel and on a steep grade, more than 5 L may be required.
Fuel Run Dry Protection Feature
Your vehicle is fitted with a fuel run dry protection system to prevent engine damage.
The vehicle will enter an engine misfire mode and shutdown at a pre-determined distance after the Distance to Empty becomes zero.
Refill the fuel tank with a minimum of 5 L diesel before resetting the feature.
Reset the fuel run dry protection feature by following the below steps:
  1. Insert the ignition key and turn to position II (Ignition).
  2. Hold the key in the position for 20 seconds and turn back to 0 (Off).
  3. Repeat the steps three times to complete the reset procedure.
Filling a Portable Fuel Container
Use the following guidelines to avoid electrostatic charge build-up when filling an ungrounded fuel container:
  • Only use an approved fuel container to transfer fuel to your vehicle.Place the container on the ground when filling.
  • Do not fill a fuel container while it is inside your vehicle (including the cargo area).
  • Keep the fuel pump nozzle in contact with the fuel container while filling.
  • Do not use a device that holds the fuel pump nozzle lever in the fill position.