Note:   The system automatically turns on every time you switch the ignition on.
Note:   Switching off the stability control will turn off the system.
Note:   This feature does not prevent trailer sway, but reduces it once it begins.
Note:   This feature cannot stop all trailers from swaying.
Trailer sway control is an enhanced feature of stability control system and automatically detects when an attached trailer starts to sway. This feature applies your vehicle brakes at individual wheels and if necessary, reduces engine power. If the trailer begins to sway, slow your vehicle down, pull safely to the side of the road and check for correct load distribution.   See   Towing a Trailer
Note:   Shifting to 4x4 Low will deactivate trailer sway control.
Note:   Switching on the electronic locking differential will turn off the system.
Note:   To switch off the trailer sway control as required,   See   Stability Control