Adjusting the Rear Seats
Second Row Seats
WARNING   WARNING:  Always drive and ride with your seatback upright and the lap belt snug and low across the hips.
WARNING   WARNING:  Reclining the seatback can cause an occupant to slide under the seat's seatbelt, resulting in severe personal injuries in the event of a crash.

Recline Adjustment
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When seated, lift up the lever on the side of the seat, and recline the seat backward to the position you prefer.
To return the seat backrest to the home position, lift up the lever and the seat backrest automatically returns.
Folding the Seat Backrest Flat
WARNING   WARNING:  When folding or unfolding the seats, take care not to get your fingers caught between the seat backrest and seat frame. Failure to follow this warning could result in serious personal injury.

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Note:   Lower the head restraints.   See   Head Restraints
  1. With the seat empty, pull the seat base lever up to fold the seat backrest forward and flat.
  1. To return the seat backrest to the upright position, lift it up and push it backward until it clicks into position.
Moving the Seats Backward and Forward
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Lift the bar up to move the seat backward and forward.
Accessing Third-Row Seats
WARNING   WARNING:  Do not place cargo or any objects behind the seat backrest before returning it to the original position. Pull on the seat backrest to make sure that it has fully latched after returning the seat backrest to its original position. An unlatched seat may become dangerous if you stop suddenly or have a crash.

Note:   Remove items from the second-row seat. Make sure that no bulky objects such as purses or briefcases are on the floor in front of the second-row seats before folding the seats to the easy entry position.
Note:   You may have to lower the center head restraint.
Angle the second-row seat to access the third row.
  1. Lower the outermost head restraint.  See   Head Restraints
  1. Pull the handle on the top of the seat to angle the seat backrest 45 degrees forward into the easy entry position.
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  1. When the seat backrest is folded 45 degrees, push the seat fully forward.
  1. Push the seat backrest toward the rear of your vehicle, and let the whole seat slide backward. Move the seat backrest to the original upright position until you hear a click, locking the seat in the home position.
Lift the Seatback
  1. Pull the head restraint back up to its normal upright position.
Folding and Unfolding the Third Row Manual Seat (If Equipped)
  1. Remove all objects from the seat.
  1. Fold the outboard head restraint.  See   Head Restraints
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  1. From the rear of the vehicle, fold the seat backrest by pulling and holding the handle while pushing the seat backrest forward. Release the handle once the seat backrest starts rotating forward.
  1. To return the seatback to the upright position, pull the long strap on the seat backrest.
Note:   Do not use the seat anchors as cargo tie downs.
Do Not Use the Seat When Seatback is Folded
Note:   Make sure that the area under the seat is free of objects before stowing it.
PowerFold™ Third Row Seats (If Equipped)
The third row power seat buttons are behind the third row seats on the left-hand quarter trim panel.
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APress to fold and unfold the left-hand side seat.
BPress to fold and unfold the right-hand side seat.
Note:   The third row seat includes obstacle detection that allows the seat to stop and reverse direction if it hits an obstacle so that you can remove the obstacle.
Note:   Pressing a different button while the power seat feature is already being performed may cause the first selected seat movement to be cancelled. Allow the first seat movement to complete before pressing a button for another function.
Note:   Make sure that there are no objects such as books, purses or briefcases on the load floor before unstowing the seat. Failure to remove all objects from the top of the load floor prior to unstowing it may cause damage to the seat.
Note:   In order to allow the seat to complete the stowed position, do not place objects under the seat before stowing. Remove all objects from the seat and stowage tub.
Note:   In the unlikely event that the third row power seat stops prematurely or travels to an unexpected position, press the fold button to reset the seat and return it to a normal position.
These seats feature a power one-touch operation that allows you to fold and stow the seats.
  • The power fold seats work only when the transmission is in park (P) and the liftgate is open.
  • If the ignition is off and the feature is still running, the battery saver turns it off after 10 minutes. Press unlock on the remote entry key transmitter to reactivate the power seats.  See   Remote Control