Note:   Depending on your vehicle options and instrument cluster type, not all of the audible warnings and indicators will display or be available.
Key in Ignition
Sounds when the driver-side door is open and the key is in the ignition.
Keyless Warning Alert (If Equipped)
Sounds the horn twice when you exit your vehicle with the remote control, after the last door is closed and your keyless vehicle is in RUN, indicating your vehicle is still on.
Headlamps On
Sounds when you have left the headlamps or parking lamps on and open the driver-side door with the vehicle off.
Parking Brake On
 Sounds when the parking brake is on and your vehicle is moving.If the warning chime remains on after you release the parking brake, have the system checked immediately.
Door Ajar
Sounds when the driver-side door is ajar, or when any door is ajar when the vehicle is traveling over 5 km/h.
Seatbelt Reminder
Sounds when a seatbelt is unfastened in an occupied seat and your vehicle is moving.
Lane Departure Warning (If Equipped)
Activates when the system detects possible unintentional drifting toward the outside of the lane and alerts or aids you to stay in the lane through the steering system and instrument cluster display.
Front and Rear Park Aid (If Equipped)
Sounds to alert you of objects approaching the front and rear of your vehicle when moving forward or reversing.