The terrain management system optimizes drivability and comfort as well as maximizing traction while operating on different types of terrain.
Turn the control located on the center console to choose between the following modes:
Terrain Management Control
1Grass/Gravel/Snow mode should be selected where a firm surface is covered with loose or slippery material such as packed snow, ice, water, grass, or a thin layer of gravel or sand. For deep gravel or sand, select Sand mode. If the vehicle cannot gain traction in deep snow, switching off the traction control system may help (switch traction control back on when you regain traction).   See   Using Traction Control
2Sand mode should be selected in soft dry sand or deep gravel. If crossing wet sand that may be sufficiently deep enough for the wheels to sink into the surface, select Mud/Ruts mode.
3Mud/Ruts mode should be selected for muddy, rutted, soft or uneven terrain.
4Normal mode is for on-road conditions and should be selected before driving on surfaces which are similar to a hard road surface or once the need for a special mode has passed. Select Normal mode when towing a trailer.
Note:   The Sand and Mud/Ruts modes are for off-road use only.
Note:   The curve control portion of the AdvanceTrac® system is unavailable when you select Sand or Mud/Ruts.
If the system becomes inoperable, selecting some modes may not be possible and a message displays. If it becomes inoperable due to a system malfunction, all of the mode indicators on the control turn off and one of the following messages appears in the information display:
TERRAIN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FAULT: Turning the engine on and off may clear the fault. If that does not work, have the system serviced by an authorized dealer.
MODE CHANGE NOT ACCEPTED, RETRY: A mode change cannot be made at the time of driver request. Try the mode change again.