Selecting HDC
Select HDC at speeds less than 60 km/h. To select HDC, press the hill descent control switch located on the floor console.
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Note:   HDC will be active at speeds less than 35 km/h and deactivated above 40 km/h but will not turn off until vehicle exceeds 60 km/h.
Note:   HDC will turn off when you switch the ignition off.
Hill Descent Control Icon  The HDC switch will illuminate continuously to indicate that HDC is fully active.
HDC will temporarily deactivate during the following conditions:
  • The brakes are hot. Operation resumes once the brakes cool down.
  • The stability control indicator on warning lamp is illuminated and operating.
HDC Operation
Hill Descent Control Operation
Cruise control switches on the steering wheel allow you to control your hill descent speed. SET + increases the speed and SET - decreases the speed.
Changing the Set Speed
  • Press and hold SET+ or SET-. Release the control when you reach the desired speed.
  • Press and release SET+ or SET-. The set speed will change in approximately 1 km/h increments.
Pressing the accelerator pedal or brake pedal will increase or decrease the speed respectively.
Note:   Each gear has a pre-determined minimum speed.
Note:   Descent speed will only increase on a slope steep enough to provide additional momentum. Therefore, use of the SET+ switch on a gentle slope may not increase the speed.
Note:   The Brakes will override the HDC if the brake pedal is pressed. The system resumes on the release of the brake pedal.
Note:   HDC assistance will fade out gradually if you switch the system off. This is to prevent the loss of control if you press the HDC switch unintentionally. If assistance is still required, you can switch back the HDC on. The control will resume at a speed the vehicle is travelling when the pedal is released.
Note:   You may hear a noise from the system. This is normal.
Note:   When HDC is operating, the ESC on warning lamp will flash.
HDC operates only if the vehicle speed is within the specified range even if the system is on permanently during off-road driving.