Note:   The electronic locking differential is for off-road use only and is not for use on dry pavement. Using the electronic locking differential on dry pavement will result in increased tire wear, noise, vibration and damage to the axle.
The electronic locking differential is a device housed in the rear axle that allows both rear wheels to turn at the same speed. The electronic locking differential can provide additional traction should your vehicle become stuck. You can activate the differential electronically and shift it on the fly within the differential operating speed range. The differential is for use in mud, rocks, sand, or any off-road condition where you need maximum traction. It is not for use on dry pavement.
The following conditions will affect the electronic locking differential:
  • The electronic locking differential does not engage if your vehicle speed is too high (above 35 km/h in Normal mode).
  • The electronic locking differential automatically disengages when your vehicle speed is too high and automatically re-engages when your vehicle speed is low enough.
  • The electronic locking differential may not engage if you are cornering or if one rear wheel is spinning. A message may appear in the information display informing you to release the accelerator.
  • The speeds for engagement or disengagement change in different terrain modes.
  • The system has the ability to disable the electronic locking differential during driving maneuvers when necessary.
When you switch the system on, if you do not meet the required conditions for electronic locking differential activation, the appropriate information guiding you through the activation process appears in the information display.
Activating the Electronic Locking Differential
Note:   Do not use electronic locking differential on dry, hard surfaced roads. Doing so will produce excessive noise, vibration, increase tire wear and damage to the axle .
Note:   If the electronic locking differential has difficulty disengaging, release the accelerator pedal and turn the steering wheel while rolling.
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To engage the electronic locking differential, press the centre console mounted switch.