Your navigation system is comprised of two main features, destination mode and map mode.
Map Mode
Map mode shows advanced viewing comprised of 2D city maps, 3D landmarks and 3D city models when available. 2D city maps show detailed outlines of buildings, visible land use, landscape features, and detailed railroad infrastructure for the most essential cities around the globe.
3D landmarks appear as clear, visible objects that are typically recognizable and have a certain tourism value.
3D city models are complete 3D models of entire city areas including navigable roads, parks, rivers and rendered buildings. 3D landmarks and city models appear in 3D map mode only. Coverage of these varies and improves with updated map releases.
Image Shown Without Description  Select the zoom in icon to see a closer view of the map.Image Shown Without Description  Select the zoom out icon to see a farther away view of the map.
You can adjust the view in preset increments. You can also pinch to zoom in or out of the map.
The information bar tells you the names of streets, cities or landmarks as you hover over them with the crosshair curser.
You can change your view of the map by tapping on the location indicator icon on the right-hand side of the screen. You can choose from the following options:
Image Shown Without Description  2D This always shows the direction of forward travel as upward on the screen.Image Shown Without Description  2D north up always shows the northern direction as upward on the screen.
Image Shown Without Description  3D map mode provides an elevated perspective of the map. Adjust this viewing angle and rotate the map 180 degrees by touching the map twice, and then dragging your finger along the shaded bar with arrows at the bottom of the map.Image Shown Without Description  Motorway Services Select the icon to see service stations near you. If your vehicle is low on fuel, station icons automatically display on the map.
Image Shown Without Description  Parking Destinations Select this icon to see parking facilities near you.Image Shown Without Description  Destination Menu This icon appears when you are near a destination. You can check the trip summary, find places near you, save the current location, or pause navigation.
Navigation Menu
Image Shown Without Description  Navigation Menu Select this icon to open the Navigation Menu.
Navigation Menu Options

Icon   Function  
New Route   Select your destination by entering an address or its coordinate, or by selecting a Place, a Saved Location, or a Saved Route. You can also look up your recent destinations from History.  
Multipoint Route   Build your route from one or more route points. You can also plan a route independent of your current GPS position by setting a new starting point.  
Useful Information   Access additional options and check navigation-related information.  
Search in All   You can use this as a combined search option to search all destination types in a certain location.  
Address   You can enter a partial or whole address to find a destination.  
Places   You can search for Places of Interest in the Places menu.  
Saved Routes   Displays the saved routes.  
Coordinates   You can search for a destination by entering coordinates.  
Saved Location   Displays the list of saved locations.  
History   The destinations that you have used earlier appear in the history list.  
Settings   Customize the way the navigation software works.  

The following are available during your planned route:

Menu Item   Function  
Add Waypoint   Add an intermediate destination to your route.  
Detours and Alternatives   See route alternatives to avoid parts of the route, or to avoid a specific road from your planned route.  
Route Summary   View the route in its full length on the map and check route parameters and route alternatives.  
Delete Route   Delete your route.  
Delete Waypoint   Delete the next waypoint or the whole route. This displays if there is a multipoint route.  

Navigation Map Updates
You can update your navigation system using a computer with an internet connection, the Naviextras toolbox and a flash drive larger than 2GB.
Download and install the Naviextras Toolbox from
Before updating, retrieve your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Electronic Serial Number (ESN) from the SYNC 3 Settings menu.

Menu Item  
Then select:  
About SYNC

To update your navigation system:
  1. Plug a 2GB or larger flash drive into your computer.
  2. Enter the required Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) in the Naviextras Toolbox.
  3. If there are any updates, a window appears where you can download the necessary files to your flash drive.
  4. Turn on your navigation system and plug the flash drive into your system to begin updating.