MyKey allows you to program keys with restricted driving modes to promote good driving habits. All but one of the keys programmed to the vehicle can be activated with these restricted modes.
Any keys that have not been programmed are referred to as administrator keys or admin keys. They can be used to:
  • Create a MyKey.
  • Program configurable MyKey settings.
  • Clear all MyKey features.
When you have programmed a MyKey, you can access the following information using the information display:
  • How many admin keys and MyKeys are programmed to your vehicle.
  • The total distance your vehicle has traveled using a MyKey.
Note:   All MyKeys are programmed to the same settings. You cannot program them individually.
Note:   For vehicles equipped with a push-button start switch: When both a MyKey and an admin key are present when you start your vehicle, the system recognizes the admin key only.
Non-configurable Settings
The following settings cannot be changed by an admin key user:
  • Belt-Minder or safety belt reminder. You cannot disable this feature. The audio system will mute when the front seat occupants’ safety belts are not fastened.
  • Early low fuel. The low fuel warning is activated earlier, giving the MyKey user more time to refuel.
  • Driver assist features, if equipped on your vehicle, are forced on: parking aid, blind spot information system (BLIS), cross traffic alert, lane departure warning and forward collision warning system.
  • Satellite radio adult content restrictions (available only in some markets).
Note:   When you switch lane departure warning off temporarily, it turns on at the next ignition cycle.
Configurable Settings
With an admin key, you can configure certain MyKey settings when you first create a MyKey and before you recycle the key or restart the vehicle. You can also change the settings afterward with an admin key:
  • A vehicle speed limit can be set. Warnings will be shown in the display, followed by an audible tone when your vehicle reaches the set speed. You cannot override the set speed by fully depressing the accelerator pedal or by setting cruise control.
WARNING   WARNING:  Do not set MyKey maximum speed limit to a limit that will prevent the driver from maintaining a safe speed considering posted speed limits and prevailing road conditions. The driver is always responsible to drive in accordance with local laws and prevailing conditions. Failure to do so could result in accident or injury.

  • Various vehicle speed reminders so you know when your vehicle approaches the limits. Warnings appear in the information display and an audible warning sounds when you exceed the limit.
  • Audio system maximum volume of 45%. A message will be shown in the display when you attempt to exceed the limited volume. Also, the speed-sensitive or compensated automatic volume control will be disabled.
  • Always on setting. When this is selected, you will not be able to turn off Advance Trac or traction control, 911 Assist or Emergency Assistance, or Do Not Disturb (if your vehicle is equipped with these features).