WARNING   WARNING:  Do not mix diesel with gasoline, gasohol or alcohol. This could cause an explosion.

Use diesel that meets the specification defined by EN 590 or the relevant national specification, from a trusted fuel supplier.
Note:   We recommend that you use only high quality fuel.
Note:   The use of aftermarket fuel additives or other engine treatments are not recommended.
Biodiesel Usage
Your vehicle is suitable for use with biodiesel blends up to 7% (B7).You can achieve acceptable engine performance and durability using B7 by adhering to below guidelines.Do not fill the fuel tank with fuel that contains biodiesel with blends greater than 7%.
Note:   Do not use raw oils, fats or waste cooking greases, these are not biodiesel.
Note:   If your vehicle experiences low temperature fuel waxing issues, consider using different diesel brands or diesel with lower biodiesel content.
Note:   We do not recommend the use of additional additives to prevent fuel waxing.
Long-Term Storage
 Most diesel fuels contain biodiesel.Do not leave vehicles filled with biodiesel parked for more than one month.Diesel fuels containing biodiesel can degrade quickly when stored for long periods of time, especially when exposed to warm and humid conditions.We recommend that you seek advice from an authorized dealer.
Winter Driving
Diesel can be adjusted seasonally for cold temperatures. For best results at temperatures below 2 °C it is recommended to use a diesel fuel that has been seasonally adjusted for the local conditions.