WARNING   WARNING:  Do not exceed 50 km/h. Failure to follow this instruction could result in the loss of control of your vehicle, personal injury or death.
WARNING   WARNING:  Do not use snow chains on snow-free roads.
WARNING   WARNING:  Only fit snow chains to specified tires.
WARNING   WARNING:  If your vehicle is fitted with wheel trims, remove them before fitting snow chains.

Note:   Only use snow chains on applicable tire sizes.  See   Tire Pressures
Only use S-Class snow chains, 15 mm chain links.
Only use manual tensioning chains. Do not use self-tensioning chains.
Only use snow chains in pairs on the rear axle. More information on applicable tire sizes that support snow chains usage can be found later in this Owner's Manual.  See   Tire Pressures
Note:   The anti-lock brake system continues to operate normally.
Vehicles with Stability Control
When stability control is on, your vehicle may exhibit some unusual driving characteristics. To reduce this, switch traction control off.   See   Using Traction Control
The tires on your vehicle have all-weather treads to provide traction in rain and snow. However, in some climates, you may need to use snow tires and snow chains. If you need to use snow chains, it is recommended that steel wheels (of the same size and specifications) be used, as snow chains may chip aluminum wheels.
Follow these guidelines when using snow tires and chains:
  • If possible, avoid fully loading your vehicle.
  • Install chains securely, verifying that the chains do not touch any wiring, brake lines, or fuel lines.
  • Drive cautiously. If you hear the chains rub or bang against your vehicle, stop and retighten the chains. If this does not work, remove the chains to prevent damage to your vehicle.
  • Remove the tire chains when they are no longer needed. Do not use tire chains on dry roads.
If you have any questions regarding snow chains, please contact your authorized dealer.