Note:   To protect the system from damage, it is important that the difference in tire size across axles is minimized. Make sure all four tires on your vehicle are the same size, type, brand, and model. Rotate the tires at the recommended intervals. When replacing any tires, if the remaining tires on the vehicle are significantly worn, replace all four tires. If any matching tires of the same size, type, brand, and model are unavailable, replace all four tires.
This system is a proactive system. It has the ability to anticipate wheel slip and transfer torque to the front wheels before slip occurs. Even when wheel slip is not present, the system is continuously making adjustments to the torque distribution, in an attempt to improve straight line and cornering behavior, both on and off road.
The system automatically turns on every time you switch the ignition on.
All components of the system are sealed and do not require maintenance.