WARNING   WARNING:  Do not dispose of fuel in the household refuse or the public sewage system. Use an authorized waste disposal facility.

Note:   Only add fuel that meets the Ford specification.   See   Fuel Quality
Note:   The in-tank pump turns off after approximately 20 seconds.
Draining Fuel Filter Water Trap
For item location:   See   Under Hood Overview - 2.0L Diesel
  1. Switch the ignition off.
  1. Remove quick connector from water drain spigot.
  1. Attach a tube to the drain spigot and place the end of the tube into a suitable container.
  1. Switch the ignition on for 4 x 20 seconds, to activate in-tank pump.
  1. Allow the water to drain.
  1. Switch the ignition off.
  1. Remove the tube from the drain plug.
  1. Attach quick connector back on the drain spigot.
  1. Start the engine.
  1. Check for leaks.
Note:   The water-in-fuel indicator lamp goes out after a few seconds, with the engine running.