Bulb   Specification   Power (Watts)  
Headlamp low beam.1   H7   55  
Headlamp low beam.2   HIR2   55  
Headlamp low beam.5   LED6   LED6  
Headlamp high beam.3   H15   55  
Headlamp high beam.4   HB3   60  
Headlamp high beam.5   LED6   LED6  
Daytime running lamps.   LED6   LED6  
Front position lamp.   W5W   5  
Front position lamp.5   LED6   LED6  
Front fog lamp.   H8   35  
Front fog lamp.5   LED6   LED6  
Front direction indicator.   P21W/PY21W   21  
Side direction indicator.7   W5W/WY5W   5  
Puddle lamp.   W5W   5  
Rear direction indicator.   PY21W   21  
Rear position lamp high series.   LED6   LED6  
Rear position lamp low series.   P21/5W   5  
Rear stop lamp.   P21/5W   21  
Central high mounted brake lamp.   LED6   LED6  
Reversing lamp.   W16W   16  
Rear fog lamp.   W21W   21  
License plate lamp.   W5W   5  
Roof bar lamp.   W5W   5  
Interior lamp.   W5W   5  
Reading lamp.   W5W   5  

1Reflector type.
2Projector type.
3With Daytime running lamps.
4Without Daytime running lamps.
5Vehicles with LED headlamps.
6Contact an authorized dealer for replacement.
7Bulb replacement is not possible as the bulb is an integral part of the unit. The side direction indicator lamp unit has to be replaced.