WARNING   WARNING:  Do not park or idle your vehicle over dry leaves, dry grass or other combustible materials. The regeneration process creates very high exhaust gas temperatures and the exhaust will radiate a considerable amount of heat during and after regeneration and after you have switched the engine off. This is a potential fire hazard.
WARNING   WARNING:  The normal operating temperature of the exhaust system is very high. Never work around or attempt to repair any part of the exhaust system until it has cooled. Use special care when working around the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter heats up to a very high temperature after only a short period of engine operation and stays hot after the engine is switched off.

Your vehicle has various emission control components and a diesel particulate filter that enables it to comply with applicable exhaust emission standards. It filters harmful diesel particulates, for example soot from the exhaust gas.
To avoid damaging the diesel particulate filter:
  • Do not crank the engine for more than 10 seconds at a time.
  • Do not push-start or tow-start your vehicle. Use booster cables.   See   Jump Starting the Vehicle
  • Do not switch the ignition off when your vehicle is moving.
  • Do not ignore warning lamps or information messages regarding exhaust system cleaning and regeneration.
Note:   Resulting component damage may not be covered by the vehicle Warranty.
On-Board Diagnostics System
Your vehicle has an on-board diagnostics system that monitors the emission control system. If any of the following warning lamps illuminate, this may indicate that the on-board diagnostics system has detected an emission control system malfunction.
Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Lamp  Engine coolant temperature warning lamp.Ignition Warning Lamp  Ignition warning lamp.
Engine Warning Lamp  Malfunction indicator lamp.Engine System Fault Warning Lamp  Powertrain warning Lamp.
Water/Moisture in Fuel System  Water in fuel warning lamp.
 Continuing to drive your vehicle may cause reduced power or the engine to stop.Failure to respond to a warning lamp may cause component damage not covered by the vehicle Warranty. Have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.
Diesel Particulate Filter Automatic Regeneration
The diesel particulate filter on your vehicle requires periodic regeneration to maintain correct operation. The emission control system automatically carries out this process. As soot gathers in the system it begins to restrict the filter. The soot that gathers inside the filter is cleaned in two different ways, passive regeneration and active regeneration. Both methods occur automatically and require no actions from the driver. During automatic regeneration, the system cleans the diesel particulate filter by oxidizing the soot. Cleaning happens during normal engine operating conditions at varying levels depending on driving conditions.
Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration  Diesel particulate filter warning lamp.
If the diesel particulate filter is near or at saturation, the warning lamp appears advising you to drive your vehicle in a manner to allow effective diesel particulate filter cleaning.
Note:   Depending on vehicle options and instrument cluster type fitted, a warning message may appear with the warning lamp.
Note:   Do not switch off the engine when regeneration starts.
The warning lamp continues to illuminate until the automatic regeneration process completes. Continue to drive your vehicle in a manner to allow effective diesel particulate filter cleaning until the warning lamp turns off.
Failure to carry out regeneration when required may result in a clogged diesel particulate filter. If the diesel particulate filter fills beyond the regeneration threshold, the system disables the ability to carry out regeneration. This could result in irreversible damage to the diesel particulate filter resulting in component damage which may not be covered by the vehicle Warranty.
Where vehicle use meets any of the following conditions:
  • Driving short distances.
  • Prolonged engine idling.
  • Frequently switching the engine on and off.
  • High levels of acceleration and deceleration.
We recommend you assist the regeneration process by:
  • Avoiding prolonged engine idling.
  • Driving your vehicle in a manner to allow effective cleaning.
Engine Warning Lamp  If the warning lamp illuminates the diesel particulate filter could have become overloaded. Have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.
Automatic regeneration raises the exhaust temperature to eliminate the soot particles. During cleaning soot particles are converted to harmless gasses. Once cleaned the diesel particulate filter continues to trap harmful diesel particles.
The automatic regeneration process is most effective when you drive your vehicle continuously for approximately 20 minutes with a minimum average speed of 48 km/h. The frequency and duration of the regeneration process varies by how you drive your vehicle, the outside air temperature and altitude. Frequency varies between 160 km and 500 km and each regeneration process lasts between 10 and 20 minutes.
Note:   You may hear changes in the engine or exhaust sound during the regeneration process.
Note:   You may smell a hot metallic odor or you may hear a clicking metallic sound during the regeneration process at low speed or engine idle. This is due to the high temperatures reached during the regeneration process. This is normal.
Diesel Particular Filter Information Messages
For details of the diesel particular filter information messages,   See   Information Messages