Tire Size   Normal Load   ECO2   Full Load  
  Front   Rear   Front   Rear   Front   Rear  
265/65 R17 112T 1   210 kPa210 kPa240 kPa240 kPa240 kPa300 kPa
265/60 R18 110T1   210 kPa210 kPa240 kPa240 kPa240 kPa300 kPa
265/50 R20 107T1   240 kPa240 kPaN/A   N/A   240 kPa300 kPa
265/60 R18 110T3   300 kPa300 kPa300 kPa300 kPa300 kPa300 kPa

1Only fit snow chains to specified tires.
2ECO tire inflation pressures are recommended for optimal fuel consumption.
3Only when used as spare fitment with 265/50R20 107T as road tire.